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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The information contained in this FAQ section is intended to provide you with the answers to some of our regularly-asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How can I increase the size of the text on this website? (I'm finding it hard to read)

On the menu bar at the top of the page, click on 'View' / 'Text Size' / select 'Larger'

Tip: If you cannot see 'View' at the top of the page, simply press the 'Alt' key on your keybord.

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Does the course have a halfway house?

Yes. It  is between the 10th green and 11th tee. There are two WCs.  If you are not playing with a member or in an open competition, ask the professional for the numbers needed before you start your round.

There is also a kitchen area with vending machines dispensing hot/cold drinks and snacks. The machines will give change but does not accept copper or £2 coins. During open competitions, a wider selection of food including hot sandwiches or cakes are served usually in exchange for donations to charity.

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What is the dress code on the course?

All golfers must wear golf shoes with metal  or soft spikes which should be in good condition for safety reasons. Young juniors i.e.Cubs, may wear trainers.

Blue denim, untailored shorts and shirts are not acceptable and if worn may result in a golfer having to leave the course.

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What is the dress code in the clubhouse?

Blue denim and trainers (except for Cubs) are not allowed.  It is expected that members and visitors will ensure that they are clean and decent when using the clubhouse and will change out of wet, sweaty or torn clothing before using the facilities.

Those using the dining room or the Capercaillie Bar in the evening should change out of their golf clothes.

Jackets and ties are only required for designated formal occasions.

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Does the club have buggies for hire?

Unfortunately not at the moment, although we are looking at the possibility of having a few. Members and visitors who have their own buggies for health reasons may use these on the course, provided that the club has been able to verify that they have adequate insurance.

The use of motorised buggies in competitions is at the discretion of the organisers. Please contact the office before you come to play the course.

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My son (10) and daughter (12) have been having lessons at a driving range and now want to play on a course. Can they become members at Meltham, even though neither my wife nor I play?

Yes. The club actively encourages juniors and has a good record in interclub team and individual events. Regular coaching lessons are held for juniors and nine and 18-hole competitions arranged for them. Once they have achieved an official handicap, they are able to enter club competitions.

The club is very conscious of its duty of care to young people and of the relevant laws. Parents wishing to accompany their children in the early days of their membership are welcome, but it is probably best to recognise that they may not be the best coaches!

The professional, Simon Race, and junior organiser, Dave Campbell, can provide more information and discuss individual arrangements.

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A neighbour is a social member at Meltham and recommends such membership for non-golfers. What are the advantages?

By paying an annual subscription, social members are able to receive members’ discounts at the bar and attend a number of social functions reserved for club members. 

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I recently attended a luncheon for fifty people hosted by a member of the Club.  I was very impressed by the standard of catering and service. Can anyone book a function of this kind?

In principle, yes.  There is a limit to the number of dates available particularly in summer when the clubhouse is heavily used by golfers.

Please contact us or call Gill in the office on 01484 850227,  who will confirm whether space is available and transfer you to our caterers who can discuss the details of your function and manage the booking direct with you.

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What’s the club’s policy on the use of mobile phones on the course and in the clubhouse?

The club feels it sensible if groups of players have a mobile with them in case of accident or other emergency. However, the phone must be put on 'silent' mode.

It is not acceptable for other course users to be distracted by mobile phones ringing or by text chimes. 

Mobiles must also be switched to 'silent' in the clubhouse. Outgoing calls may be made if essential, but only from the front or side porches or of course outside.

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How will I get to know people?

New members can be introduced to the course and clubhouse by our professional Simon Race, and would be welcome to meet the officers of the club.

All new members are given a welcome pack which explains how the club functions, general etiquette and contains a card for obtaining discounts for drinks from the bar. New members who already hold a handicap will be able to enter competitions and take part in friendly team games organised by the captain or Rabbits section.

Keeping an eye on the notice boards will alert you to opportunities to play and hence, socialise.

The Winter League on Sunday mornings, the Mixed Friday Foursomes in the summer and Ladies' weekly fun competitions through the winter all provide opportunities to meet people. There are also social occasions, such as bridge and quiz nights, held regularly in the winter and one-off social events which all give a chance for spouses and friends to join in at the clubhouse.

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