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Our Golf Course near Huddersfield is well worth a visit

Meltham Golf Club was founded in 1908 by a group of local worthies, one of whom was a former resident of Thick Hollins Hall, which together with its predecessor had been the ‘big house’ of the neighbourhood for hundreds of years. There was already a private six-hole course built on the surrounding land, which was immediately extended to nine holes.

Thick Hollins Hall became the clubhouse. The course was further extended to 18 holes when the tenancy of the adjoining farm Heady Fields was acquired. This enabled the course to be extended to 18 holes in 1923.

In 1946, the club committee proposed that the then-landlord should be asked to provide a longer lease and he (an early member of the Club) suggested that it would be more sensible for the club to buy the course and Thick Hollins Hall. This was achieved for the sum of £4,750, including the purchase of eight cottages!

In 1987 the opportunity arose to buy some more land to the east of the club’s holdings. This land is bounded by a former reservoir (now a fishing lake) and two footpaths/bridleways, giving  particularly peaceful and scenic surroundings for players. It made space for three additional holes; one par three and two par fours.

Three holes were removed from the original 18-hole course but are still available for practice and to substitute for the 'new' holes if they become too wet during the winter months.

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