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Junior Golf

The purpose of the Junior Coaching is to develop future members and instill in them the virtues and traditions of golf.

We aim to achieve the following as part of our Junior Program:


To ensure all Junior Golfers adhere to the etiquette and standards of behavior that are required for Meltham Golf Club Members.


To deliver coaching that provides all Junior Golfers with the opportunity to leave with a higher standard of play than when they arrived. 


To increase the number of Junior Golfers who are participating regularly in golf each and every year.

Lessons are split into groups based on age. We find this way children who are of a similar school age are interacting with people they might know from school or other team sports. Based on the age group, the 45 minute lessons are on a Tuesday Evening and on a Sunday afternoon, so we hopefully have something to suit all schedueles!

We run three, eight week blocks of sessions. The first begins in January and runs through into February and utilizes our indoor studio, so we can deliver lessons even when the weather is not ideal! The next starts in Easter and runs every week for eight weeks with the summer block starting after a small break following the conclusion of the Easter block. Lessons can be paid for on a week by week basis or as a whole block for a small discount. Junior members also receive a substantial discount on lessons.


Telephone: 01484 851521