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Stromberg Quad Am

 Thank you to all who played in the Quad AM we hope you enjoyed your day. Special thank you to Stromberg for their continuous support and Sponsorship for the Quad AM. Congratulations to our winners


1st  M Clark  C Sanderson  K Thackray and T Sharrock  92pts

2nd  R Busby D Buckley M Maude and S Summers  90pts

3rd  R Berry L Berry J Garlick and N Howe  87pts  52 bk9

4th  N Corcoran P Branston A Bate and M Guymer 87pts 46 bk9


Nearest Pin in 2  D Mannion  1m 90cm

Nearest Pin 3rd  M Guymer  5m 10cm

Straightest Drive 4th R Taylor  on the line

Nearest Pin 5th  R Taylor  5ft 7inch

Best Team Score on Par 5  M Bailey C Hutchings D Campbell and I Saxton  18pts

Nearest Pin 12th  R Taylor  15ft 4inch

Nearest Pin 17th  K Thackray  57cm

Longest Drive 18th  M Maude  Long