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Social Distancing Golf

Social Distancing Golf

Safe every step of the way – Social Distancing Rules must be strictly adhered to at all times

1.         Course Access

2.         Booking & Arrival

3.         Check in and Pro’s Shop Protocol

4.         Clubhouse Facilities

5.         To the first Tee

6.         On the Course

7.         Getting Home Safely

Meltham Golf Club


For golfers, the measures cover each step of the journey from home to 1st tee and

back home again.

At the golf course, these measures are in place from dawn until dusk, seven days a


Our measures and procedures are under constant review, updated as advice from

Government, Health Authorities and the Sport’s Governing Bodies evolves in line with

the gradual lifting of social restrictions.


Course Access


Access to the course for our staff, club members, members guests, visitors and societies

To access the course a player must:

Book a tee time in advance - via the BRS system.

Report straight to Golf Shop on Arrival

Not have been out of the country for over 14 days

Not be in self-isolation

Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms

Have a pre-reserved tee time


Booking and Arrival


Please observe social distancing at all times


Booking a tee time in advance is compulsory - via the BRS system

Guests and visitors will be encouraged to book and prepay online, contactless payments only

We require all players to provide a phone number and email address to enable contact tracing

All Golfers will be made aware of our measures prior to their visit

Golf equipment should be cleaned before a player leaves home

Golfers should travel to the club alone, or with a member of the same household

Ample car parking spaces are available to enable social distancing

Arrival at the course no more than 15 minutes prior to reserved tee time

Observe social distancing always and resist the temptation to mingle

Locker Rooms and showers are closed for changing. Change footwear in car park

Report straight to Pro’s Shop on Arrival

Please be aware of others around this area as it is a small limited space please use caution when walking past the Clubhouse to the Pro’s Shop and give way where necessary


Check in and Pro’s Shop Protocol


Please observe social distancing at all times


Mandatory check in at the Pro’s Shop

Face Masks must be warn at all times in the Pro’s Shop

Two metre queue markers at a single Pro’s Shop entry point

Only one person at a time permitted inside the Golf Shop

A two-metre exclusion zone at the service desk

Essential golfing items only will be available to purchase, gathered by staff on request

Food and Beverage items limited to chocolate bars and drinks


Clubhouse and Hire Facilities


Please observe social distancing at all times


Clubhouse and Bar are open. Tables will be allocated on arrival, Table Service with cashless payments only. If requested by a member of Staff, please vacate the table

Down stairs Toilets in the Clubhouse will have open entrance doors and will be cleaned regularly. Hand Sanitisers are available.

Sanitised trollies and buggies are available for hire, single person use only

Players must provide own clubs, hire sets will not be available

The Practice areas are open and must be booked via the Pro’s Shop. Coaching and Club Fitting by the Profession’s will have priority


To the First Tee


Please observe social distancing at all times


Groups of 4 players allowed, at 10-minute intervals.

Putting green is open, limited to 3 players, with holes filled. Players practicing must observe

physical distancing

Arrive at 1st Tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time

Any players not following the directions will be asked to leave the golf course

Tee off times strictly observed to maintain minimum 10-minute group spacing


On the Course


Physical distancing observed throughout, particularly on the tees and greens

Social spacing signage identifies waiting areas on tee box approaches

Rubbish bins removed or out of use. Please take rubbish home with you

Ball washers removed or covered over

Bunker rakes removed, players to make best efforts to smooth sand using their club/

feet prior to shot or place the ball in the bunker within 150mm with no penalty

Par three holes are compulsory call up holes to avoid player congestion

Flagsticks to remain in the hole and must not be touched

Hole cups inverted for simple, contact free ball retrieval

Once a hole is complete, the group in front must have exited the tee box before players

can progress to the next hole

Do not double back to play again if ball is lost, unplayable or in a penalty area. In social

golf if your ball is out of bounds or lost, under local rules you may take a 2 shot penalty

near that point rather than return to where the shot was originally played from

Equipment, food and drink must not be exchanged between players

Players must not pick up another players equipment or golf ball

Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives

All golfers must walk in from the course by dusk at the latest

When leaving the course please walk safely in front of the first tee and across the marquee base around the Clubhouse to the car park. Put your equipment in your vehicle and enjoy a drink in the Bar


Getting Home Safely


Please drink responsibly

Lockers cannot be accessed to collect or store belongings

Hands may be washed in the toilets

Players must call or email the golf club with any post round health issues or COVID-19

related queries, at the earliest opportunity


Enjoy your golf. Play Safe and Stay Safe


James Morelli

Chair of Golf


28 July 2020