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Mr Rabbit Captains Day 2019 Results


1st David Thorpe - 43pts

2nd Gregg Thornton - 41pts

3rd John Platt - 40pts



1st Mark Bailey - 41pts (20bk9, 14bk6, 7bk3, 4bk2, 3bk1)

2nd Rob Berry -  41pts (20bk9, 14bk6, 7bk3, 4bk2, 2bk1)

3rd Michael Maude - 39pts



1st Pauline Hazelden - 35pts

2nd Pat Smith - 33pts

3rd Anne Marie Warham - 31pts



1st James Bailey - 40pts

2nd Luke Sheard - 36pts


On Course Prizes

3rd N.Pin David Law - 2ft 7inch

4th S.Drive Carl Budgen - On the Line!

7th S.Drive Frieda Bolton - Near the Line!

12th N. Pin Pauline Hazelden - 4ft 6inch


On behalf of Mr Rabbit, thank you to everyone who supported the event, either through the golf, raffle or evening event! Well done to all the winners!