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Golf Booking Precedure



Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to at all times




Great news we can play golf again in a limited capacity.

To play golf booking on the BRS is essential NO Booked tee time no golf!

You can book via a computer, the BRS App on your phone or ringing the pro shop (from tomorrow the 13th May).

 At 7.00pm each night the booking will go live for 8 days in advance for example Wednesday 13 May at 7.00pm you will be able to book for Thursday 21 May.

It will be casual golf only there will be no club competitions at this time. Members only, no Guests or Visitors/Societies. Tee times start at 08:00hrs until 18:00hrs. The practice area will remain closed at this time. 



We will be playing 18 holes on the summer course. Mats are no longer needed to play, but please do not return your mats to the Pro’s Shop, keep it for next winter.

There will be no tee reservations for the various groups and the days you will be able to play are determined by your Category of membership.

 Under new Government rules released yesterday (11 May), the following groupings will be permitted:-

  •  Individuals playing golf on their own
  • Two-balls comprising of individuals from different households
  • At the discretion of the Golf Club, members of the same household playing in three-balls

There is a 10 minute gap between tee times please keep that distance on the course. If you lose your ball do not return to the tee to play another.  


As a one off tonight at 7.00pm (12th May), all the next 8 days golf will go live at once. Please observe the booking criteria above.


James Morelli – Chair of Golf