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Friday 4s Final Fling

 Thank you to everyone who played in the Friday 4s Final Fling Congratulations to our winners


1st   Mr Captain and Sue Couch    39 points  18 bk9    

2nd  John Szlachcic and Geraldine Barker   39 points  17 bk9

3rd  Chris Breslin and Barbara Farmer   38 points  21 bk9

4th  Keith and Kate Wadsworth   38 points  20 bk9

5th  Nick Howe and Anne Marie Taylor  37 points

N Pin 3rd   Rob Pinder   13ft 9inch

N Pin 5th   Brigitte Hayden  11ft 3inch

N Pin 12th  Andrew McGrath  11ft 7inch

N Pin 17th  Rob Berry  8ft 9inch

Multiplier  Dennis Schofield and Rachel Lockwood  24points

Best New Team  Lindsay and Louise Thornton  34 points

Tee Reservations

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