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 In the interest of maintaining a modern, contemporary and forward-thinking approach to standards of dress, Meltham Golf Club requires that all members, staff, and visitors comply with the following dress code policies and restrictions.



On formal occasions, gentlemen may be requested to wear a jacket and tie.

All clothing must be clean and not torn, soiled or wet.

Smart trousers, including smart jeans and tailored shorts.

Golf shirts with collars, roll or crew necks.

Clean, non- metal spiked golf shoes and trainers may be worn with or without socks only in the 19th Lounge. All golf shoes may be worn to the 19th bar, locker rooms and toilets, and also if a protective cover is placed from the Patio Door to Lounge Bar.


 Hats and caps must be removed.

Football/Rugby/Sports related clothing, T-shirts, track or shell suits.

Metal spike, soft spike or dimple sole golf shoes and trainers are not allowed (other than stated above) in the Lounge, Capercaille Bar or Dining Room.

No bare feet or stocking feet are permitted outside the locker rooms, including flip-flops.

Golfing waterproofs are not permitted in the lounge and bar areas.

Golf shoes should be left in the locker rooms not left in or outside the foyer or bar areas.



 Conventional golf clothing.

Shirts with collars, roll or crew necks.

Shorts and skirts of a respectable length must be tailored and worn with long, ankle, or trainer socks.

Golf shirts must be worn inside the waistband at all times. Players may however wear tops outside their trousers or skirts when they are so designed.

Peaked hats or caps may only be worn with the peak to the front.

Metal spike, soft spike or dimple sole golf shoes.


 Jeans, denims or track pants.

Non-tailored shorts.

Football/Rugby style shirts, T-shirts or hoodies.

Shirts or outer garments with prominent logos or numbers.

Trousers tucked into socks.

Non-golfing footwear is unacceptable on the course.

 Any clothing or footwear deemed acceptable on the course or in the clubhouse is also acceptable on the patio area.

 Players are reminded that those found not suitably attired will be asked to change or leave the course or clubhouse. Changing in the car park is not permitted except for footwear.

 It is the responsibility of all members, officials, club staff, caterers and the professional to abide by this policy and bring it to the attention of fellow members, guests and visitors in a polite manner not complying with the Dress Policy.