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  Handicap Trophy Greensome Trophy Buck Rabbit Rabbit Captains Prize Centenary Trophy
2017 J Szlachcic T Anderson & M Pearson M Clark N Ladbrook C Budgen
2016 E Glenville A Ashworth & R Schofield R Bottomley R Whittaker  
2015 T Sykes R Schofield & B Corbett A Stead K Short P Duckett
2014 M Pearson D Mannion & A Holmes R Lockwood J Gallagher R Mellor
2013 M Pearson   J Harper & T Garrety Brett Thornton   D Utasi  N Howe
2012 R Berry J Greenwood & A Horrocks A Ashworth M Gledhill  
2011 M Pearson R Berry & S Charlesworth R Berry D Mannion D Marshall
2010 R Scriven S Cooper & R Berry S Cooper W Ellis L Bolton
2009 D Hallas J Warham & R Pinder T Hellawell J Walsh R Carrick
2008 M Ward D R Perrin & R Pinder A Ashworth M Ingledow R Carrick
2007 G Hunt P Kelly & J Hudson P Kelly M Kendal  
2006 D Marshall J Warham & A Ashworth N Birks J Docker  
2005 J Wozniak G Morrelli & T Hellawell R Wray D Castle  
2004 D Perrin R Ward & R Wray D Perrin M Stedman  
2003 B N Marshall P Clarke & J Hemings S Holroyd G R Jones  
2002 A Haigh G Stacey & T Harrop G Parr M S Styring  
2001 M Ward G Mellor & J A Bence G Stacey P Branson  
2000 N Higgs N Higgs & M Hampshire M Bell J Barraclough  
1999 T J Cowell A Bedford & G Johns D Marshall A Greaves  
1998 I Kenworthy D Parkin & J A Bence S Gregory M Stangroom  
1997 A D Bedford M Ward & A Haigh J Warham M Stangroom  
1996 D J Buckley D J Buckley & E Horner A Humphries M Peacock  
1995 D R Farnell J Warham & R Fleming D B Wolff I Hardy  
1994 M Binns A K Millard & D Baxter J A Bence A Charlton  
1993 M Binns A Humphries & J G Palmer R J Hadfield J Bence  
1992 D Thorpe B Crossland & D Taylor N P Edwards D Heap  
1991 B Crossland B Crossland & D Taylor D R Perrin M Kinder  
1990 D Taylor T F Perrin & D R Perrin D B Wolff E Dyson  
1989 B Crossland M P Kinder & D M Binns R Garrety W Longley  
1988 P Goldthorpe M S Styring & J M Styring J Holdsworth P Booth  
1987 M S Styring G Baxter & R V Hurst M C Kaye C Booth  
1986 B F Precious M Kinder & P A Haigh R Dixon C Booth  
1985 P A Haigh G Baxter & R V Hurst P Peutherer R Dixon  
1984 G Conway G Shaw & J D Tinker L G Heap M Kaye  
1983 A Atkins D Sykes & A M Sheard R E Hunt F Hair  
1982 G Morelli J Naylor & R K Sykes T F Perrin D Cardwell  
1981 G Shaw D M Binns & K P Fuller S Fuller G Shaw  
1980 P Guildthorpe R Auckland & G Baxter T Chappell T F Perrin  




Tee Reservations

Wednesday 21st March

Course Closed

Inspection at 11:00am








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