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Evening Menu


Homemade Soup of the day server with Crusty Bread & Butter - £2.50

Traditional Prawn Cocktail server with Buttered Brown Bread - £4.50

Breaded Whitebait served with tartare sauce & a Salad Garnish - £3.95

Crispy Bacon & Black Pudding Salad topped with a Freshly Poached Egg - £4.25

Goats Cheese, Beetroot, Apple & Walnut Saslad with a Balsamic Dressing - £6.25





Homemade Beef Burger served with Salad & Chips - £6.50

+ Bacon, Onion Rings or Cheese - £0.40 per portion

Finest Whitby Scampi server with Chips, Salad & Garden Peas - £7.25

8oz Gammon Steak Served with Chips & Egg or Pineapple or a 'bit of both' - £7.50

Homemade Pie of the Day served with Chips & Garden Peas - £7.25

Homemade Curry of the Day served with Rice, Poppadoms & Onion Salsa - £7.50

Roast of the day (when available) - £7.95

Fresh Warm Salad (ex. Blackened Cajun Spiced Chicken) - From £7.25

Pork Chop server with Black Pudding Firtters & Chips with a Rich Red Wine Gravy - £7.95

Pork Fillet Roulade filled with Apricots & Black Pudding, wrappin in Bacon & served with a Creamy Mustard Sauce. Accompanied by Chips & Salad OR Vegetables - £10.95

Pan-fried Chicken Breast filled with Basil on a bed of Caramelised Red onion topped with Melted Goats Cheese served with Chips & Salad or Vegetables - £10.95

8oz Sirloin Steak cooked to your liking served with a Brandy & Peppercorn Sauce & Chips £10.95

8oz Rib-eye steack cooked to your liking served with Tomato, Onion Rings, Mushrooms, Garden Peas & Chips - £14.95


Tee Reservations

Thursday 10th June

Hcap Team Vs Woodsome 





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